A. Culture
Family culture: KEJING is not only a business, it is a big family with love and warmth;
Army Culture: excellent management team, rigorous style of work, ideas, passion, have the executive power. Through a wealth of team building activities, to establish a good talent incentive mechanism to consolidate the team cohesion and solidarity;
School culture: love learning, music sharing, positive change every day, accept new things, new ideas, new ideas, new methods, continuous learning, continuous progress, and constantly improve customer service.

B. Field
Spacious office environment, a full range of office equipment;
Employees have a good mental outlook and behavior habits, positive and progressive, progressive, mutual influence, mutual motivation.

C. Quality
Has a professional technical personnel, first-class production equipment and a solid quality assurance system, after strict product certification, one to one product testing, to ensure quality of product quality.

D. Price
End supplier, competitive price advantage.

E. Productivity
Advanced Japanese Tajima embroidery machine, free shuttle Jingwei France jacquard machine, British Wanlida velvet machine, lace machine, and dyeing equipment, all kinds of complete machines, all-weather operation
Have professional technical personnel operation and maintenance
Keep up with the industry first class equipment, update the latest production equipment

F. Innovation power
Through market research, combined with customer OEM needs, analysis of the market customer preferences, and product development
By analyzing the order status and frequency, the analysis of the target market customers' preferences and research
Through the research results to guide the productivity of the various departments and the company sales direction, has played an important guiding role

G. Team
R & D team: innovative thinking, combined with the international market dynamics and customer preferences, and constantly introduce new
Sales team: excellent sales staff, full professional guidance
Production team: professional technical specialist and master
QC team: one to one product inspection, strict product testing, to ensure the quality of worry
Packaging team: strict packaging requirements, meticulous work process, to ensure that packaging

H. Service
Professional sales team, in the sale of the whole process without worry;
7x24 hours online service, at any time to answer customer questions;
Thoughtful and considerate reception service: booking hotel, arranging shuttle, visiting guide, etc.;
Personalized product customization service;
Gold medal after sales, to provide you with first-class product quality assurance.

I. Prescription
Stock quickly, timely delivery;
Arrange the production quickly, the finished goods is arranged to ship.

J. Patent
We have obtained a number of patents, including...... And so on, we have been leading peers to walk in front of the industry, KEJING brand in Europe and the United States to enjoy a good reputation in the harvest performance at the same time, but also get the praise and recognition from customers and suppliers.

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